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  Chongqing Glion New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in No. 2, Huabei Road, Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chongqing.

  The company is a professional and technological enterprise that integrates R&D, production, operation and services of new materials. The company has strong technical strength, and the professional personnel with college or technical secondary degrees accounts for over 80% of the total staff of the company. The company has first class R&D ability and large scale production capacity of PPS products, and can provide all-weather and all-round services to customers.

  The company invested to produce PPS, which is recognized as one of the six major general engineering plastics and one of the eight major aerospace materials, as well as a type of new material that the government spares no effort to support. Because of its excellent insulation properties, mechanical properties, processing properties, flame retardant properties, excellent dimensional stability and other characteristics, such as: high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and small specific gravity, it is widely used in environmental protection industry, automobile industry, textile industry, electrical and electronic industry, defense industry, chemical industry and building materials industry. In view of the long-term monopoly on the production technology of PPS by foreign companies, the company has developed a new process with self owned intellectual property rights by cooperation with the universities and colleges, and the new process has reached the international advanced level. Through years of accumulated experience in production of PPS, the high performance PPS produced by the company is at the leading level in China. The company can provide different grades of pure PPS resin or pellets according to customer needs, and the main technical performance indexes of the products can meet the standards of similar foreign products, while some indexes exceeds the standards of similar foreign products.

      Center, strong technical force, well-equipped, advanced equipment, with spectrum detection, detecting chromatographic detection, mechanical properties, rheological properties, gas testing, chemical analysis and so on more than 10 professional measure, equipped with high temperature and GPC, ICP, GC/MS, IC, DSC, TGA, TD, capillary rheometer, KF moisture meter, automatic potentiometric titration apparatus and so on more than one (sets) of advanced and sophisticated detection instruments and equipment at home and abroad. It can be widely used in the fields of polymer chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemicals.

  The company plans to build 30000t PPS production line, and become one of the world's largest R&D and production base of PPS. The first phase of 10000t plant will be put into operation in 2017.

  Glion Technology is determined to become the best partner of customers and the loyal environmental guard. It always adheres to regard the quality as the basis of the enterprise operation, and regard good faith as the soul of the enterprise development. It strives to innovate, focuses on sustainable development and strives to become the leader, initiatively adapts to the new normal state of economic development, constantly improves the management level and service quality, and is dedicated to provide high quality products and services to new and old customers.